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Today world, healthcare industry strongly relies on precise information provided by medical imaging and artificial intelligence based algorithm outputs. Hubino has the expertise in building novel algorithms based on computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies to excel the health data. We build algorithms and make the health data into action.

Hubino Stands on :

  1. HIPAA-compliant facial recognition

  2. Emotional intelligent algorithms

  3. Virtual Healthcare Assitant Chatbot framework

  4. Health data analysis, insights and prediction model files

  5. Any complex, challenging and interesting problems where strong computer vision expertise in needed.

  6. Multi-platform support

Meet Ammie

Looking for a virtual assistant to track and manage the patient data?

Looking for perfect to analyze the patient's feelings, emotions to provide better healthcare service? Looking for a secured and compliance platform for the health data to analysis and dig deep into the insights and build prediction model files? Contact our expertise healthcare data scientistteam to turn your health data into actions.

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Hubino has vast experience in the domain of computer vision, machine learning applications developments specifically on the healthcare industry.

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