Artificial Intelligence for human intelligence


AI defined infrastructure for the education industry

The New Learning Path

Digital learning become the new way of learning! Hubino builds the tools and applications to make the digital learning as the fun experience, easy to access and available on the multiplatform.

Hubino digital solution includes :

  1. Smart Campus

  2. Facial authentication based attence system

  3. Tutor Chatbot applications

  4. AR/VR applications

  5. Virtual classroom applications

  6. Online examination platforms

  7. LMS application

  8. Library, content management solutions

  9. Create adaptive learning features for educational institutions to improve student experiences.

Smart Quad

Having any big idea in for school, campus management, students tracking, automate facial authentication based attendance system. Get In touch with our industry experts to redefine your ideas for the smart campus and market your product in the short span of time.

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Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs and the nature of their data. Our expert team helps you to architect the technology that provides the competitive edge for a long run. We bring skill, speed, and precision to every project, so you can test harder, build faster, and go confidently into the market.

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